Sunday, 26 May 2013

Making progress - slowly

I have nearly finished my day job knitting, it is blocking and  has to be made up ( my least favourite part ).
Normally I would be photographing the work and discussing the yarn etc. but as it's someone else's work
I don't feel I can do that, it would be a breach of confidence.
On the plus side I have a pile of the softest organic, fairtrade,Egyptian cotton waiting for me to start on my Etsy things. I'm starting with 0-3months as it will take less time and yarn ( tight budget ). My head is full of ideas for more little garments, and that is probably where they will stay - I never write things down!
I think I get that from my Scottish grandmother, I remember sitting watching her knit fairisle, faster than most people knit plain knitting,and she never used a chart, it was all in her head.
She was still knitting for her great,great grandchildren when she died at the grand age of 105, I can't begin to
calculate the miles and miles of knitting she must have produced in all that time, it's mindboggling.
I discovered this in a group I belong to on Ravelry it might make you smile.
I saw these tulips in my local park and couldn't resist, they lifted my spirit, and shouted winter is over!

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