Saturday, 1 June 2013


I have been in knitter paradise, choosing yarns for my first Etsy projects. There is a lovely cashmere/silk/merino blend for a striped hoodie I thought of walking past beach huts. I also found some of my favourite fair-trade organic cotton on sale so that is going to become a little dress, a sweater, bolero to go with the dress and anything else I can think of, possibly a 1950s style coat/cardi.
After being up to my eyes in yarn I took the dogs for a walk on the downs to get away from it all, but it didn't quite work as you can see from my photo, I still found some wool,even if it was in it's natural state.

The experiment with my sons is progressing. My middle son was bemused and confused when his keys weren't in the key bowl - after a moment's thought he just took the spare set from the hook by the back door. He discovered his set when he went to the fridge later looking for food!
Something I wasn't expecting is their co-operation, they have realized they can find each others' things more easily than their own - I'm not sure what to make of that.
I really am going to have to buy a proper camera instead of using my i-phone, looking at my photo of the downs I can see I haven't done the view justice, it was actually much greener and much more beautiful.

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