Wednesday, 5 June 2013

A knitter's life

I knit, I always have, since from before I can remember. It's the way I relax and the way I earn my living, I do test knitting, sample knitting, tech editing and designing. I did try holding workshops but I got so nervous if someone asked even the simplest question I just went blank ( on a bad day I couldn't even come up with my own name! ).

I didn't however realize the impact my continual knitting had on my family. That is until a friend of one of my sons pointed out that my boys don't ask how long something is going to take ( usually when the next meal will be ready ) in time, they ask how many rows it will be. They have actually become quite good at estimating by looking at what I'm knitting and judging how quickly I'm going to knit a row.
Now if only I could train them further and get them knitting, my output would increase in leaps and bounds. How do you persuade computer savvy,video game playing teenagers that knitting is cool? I think I'm probably onto a looser there.
I feel I should apologize again for the poor photo of the banana cake yesterday  - I had arranged the cake on a tray in the kitchen and went to find my i-phone, when I returned there were only a few crumbs left.
I panicked and ended up taking a photo from the cookery book instead - the boys enjoyed the cake though!

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